Fame or Shame: Find out if Alien Tape is really out of this world

Tired of hammering nails to hang up a sign? Sick of one-sided tape that doesn't really stick to brick?

Now there's Alien Tape! Alien Tape uses advanced grip nanotechnology, it claims. And the makers say it can hold just about anything in place.

A brick! A block! A bottle! A big sign to ward off spacemen! Should you "phone home" about Alien Tape? Or should we send Alien Tape into a black hole?

Will it get, "Fame or Shame?"

Comedian Cody Calebra and Rob Wolchek are ready blast off to the Alien Tape universe!

First, they watch the alien-infomercial. They say this double-sided tape sticks, holds and releases simply with a twist. And Alien Tape is washable - peel it, reuse it. The humanoid in the commercial sticks an Alien Tape-d bar on a beam and does pull-ups.

Cody starts cutting.  

"I'll give the cutting of Alien Tape a 3 out of 10," Cody says.

Wolchek: "So it's a little hard to cut?"

"It's a little hard to cut," he said.

Cody the comedian starts sticking the Alien Tape to their surfaces.

In the commercial, the guy uses it on "glass, metal wood, tile, carpet."

Cody and Rob do the same - "glass, metal, wood, tile, carpeting -  "Alien tape is killing it," Cody said.

So far this tape is out of this world.

"I'm a believer," Cody said. "I want to believe."

Now, simply remove the items with a twist.

"Remove it with a twist." Rob said.

"I'm twisting," Cody said.

"Oh no. Oh no, look at that, that was disastrous," Wolchek said.

"Children and women maybe enlist some help before removing the Alien Tape," Cody said.

Maybe the tape could be reused if it wasn't so gummy.

"I think the aliens gotta go back to the labs on this one," Cody said.

Now they try to to duplicate another alien feat, sticking a couple weight plates up with the tape.

"Doing pretty good Alien Tape," Cody said.

Then they try a plank of wood and next, a brick.

"Now how's it going to stick a brick?" Cody said.

"I don't know. Let's see what happens," Wolcheck replied.

But that brick won't stick.

"Uh oh," Cody said.

Next, a glass pan.

"Glass pan works," Cody said.

Pretty cosmic but while they're putting more Alien Tape on the brick - the weights fall.

Wolchek: "I spoke too soon. I was getting impressed (plank of wood falls) oh blank."

With more Alien Tape the brick engages. Cody wants to put a weight on the brick, but the brick and weight both fall.

Now it's Wolchek's turn.

"I'm going to put a whole bunch of Alien Tape," Rob said. "I'm a rich TV reporter. I can buy this Alien Tape forever."

Wolchek sticks a brick to a metal beam with a chunk of Alien Tape.

"Look at that, look at that," Rob said.

But after exactly six minutes - the brick falls.

Now they put Alien Tape on back of a coat hook - then hang a gallon of water off it.

Just like in the infomercial - it works.

"Have problems hanging up your jug of water on a coat rack,  not anymore with alien tape," Cody quips.

Unless you want your water to hang for more than six minutes - then the water jug falls.

Now for the big test - they put a galaxy of Alien Tape onto a pull up bar. Wolchek bets Alien Tape can hold a little green man, but a big-time stand-up comedian?

Cody starts doing pull-ups.

"Beam me up Scotty," Cody said.

Wolchek: "Here we go."

"Ugh!  That didn't feel great," Cody said after falling.

Alien Tape has Cody seein' stars.

"Thanks Alien Tape.You'll be hearing from me," Cody said.

Alien tape. Fame or Shame?


Fame or Shame tests are not scientific just real people testing real products. Alien Tape costs $20 but each package contains three rolls.

Wolchek contacted Alien Tape for comment but never heard back.