Families victims of violence raise money for Crime Stoppers and funding for billboards

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It's been almost two years to the day since these little ones lost their mom Dominique Brown. She was murdered with another man driving down I-94 in Detroit.

The shooter is still out there.

Fox 2: "How sure are you your daughter's killer will be caught?" 

"90% sure as of today," Bertha Matthews said.

Bertha Williams, is Dominique's mother and now helping to raise her kids. She's made it her mission to find her daughter's killer.

All while supporting other families shaken by violence.

"My daughter was a God-fearing child, and she always was a giver, so I have no choice but to follow her foot steps and be a giver," she said.

Saturday night, a fundraiser was thrown to raise money for Crime Stoppers reward money and to fund billboards.

Francesca Tinch received a billboard that will hopefully generate tips. Her husband, Kenneth Wynn the second, was murdered in front her and their 9-year-old daughter last December.

Francesca says someone knows something.

"I'm very hopeful because I feel like we are getting closer to finding the person especially when this billboard goes up because now they will see it every day it won't be a flier they can just take down," Tinch said.

Two families brought together by tragedy are working hard to break the stigma and get their community to speak up when it comes to crime.

"They're afraid, and they think they have no protection but you do have protection. Crime Stoppers in itself is protection," she said.

Bertha, whom at one time was skeptical of how Crime Stoppers actually worked is now a believer.

 If you know anything about either of the murders in this story call Crime Stoppers at 1-800 SPEAK UP.