Lighthouse of Oakland County adopts families, brings cheer for Christmas

Tanisha Green has always looked out for everyone else - adopting her sister's kids when they were born and raising London and Journey on her own.

But a uterine cancer diagnosis forced her to lose her job and the ability to provide for her four kids.

"I lost my job in November 2020 due to an issue I had with cancer so I had a hard time coming into the new year," said Tanisha Green. "I have had a lot of help from family and friends but just getting back on my feet has been really a struggle to start all over."

That's where Lighthouse of Oakland County comes in.

The organization provides emergency food and shelter services for families in need year-round, but during the holidays - with the help of generous donations - volunteers work to make sure Christmas wishes come true.

"I asked for a hoverboard and some dolls," said London.

"I asked for a football and blankets," said Journey.

London and Journey have been very good this year - Green says they have been behaving and doing well in school.  

So Santa's helper Keyonte made a special delivery to their house in Pontiac.

"Whoaaa look at all of this, look what Santa brought us," Green said.

A big box filled to the brim with gifts for them and their older brother and sister Paulnell and Deasia who unfortunately were just diagnosed with Covid.

"I think giving them this giving back – they are grateful – the gratitude I can’t show you enough what this means to us as a family," Green said. "I wish my older two kids could be par of this – I just want them to get better."

The adopt a family program for Lighthouse has ended this year but the organization is still in need of donations, which are down 30 percent this year. If you are interested you can go to – they could really use the help,

"We are calling it Covid fatigue, they have been giving, and some folks are doing well because Covid was good for business, but for folks not doing well – they are really struggling," said Kellie Macaloon, Lighthouse gifts manager.

But thanks to Lighthouse - adopted families like the Greens have been given the gift of hope -- which they hope to pay forward when they are able.