MSP trooper injured after driver crashes into EMS rig

One MSP trooper was injured during a crash that happened Saturday morning near Westbound I-96 and Outer Drive in Detroit. 

Authorities say troopers responded to the location around 10:00 for a traffic crash. While the troopers were inside of the EMS rig interviewing the driver, another vehicle lost control and struck the back of the EMS. The trooper was then thrown and hit his face inside of the rig. 

He complained of pain to his nose, but did not require any medical treatment. 

Another DFD EMS unit arrived and transported the initial patient to the hospital.

Both Detroit EMS workers in the ambulance at the time of the crash also stated they did not have any injuries.

Authorities say the at fault driver was issued a citation for not having a driver's license, failing to yield to a stationary emergency vehicle, and driving too fast for road conditions.