Mystery of what happened to Jasmine Moody continues 1 year later

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It has been nearly a year since a Texas teenager disappeared in Detroit. She came to visit a friend last December and hasn't been seen or heard since.

Thursday her parents were joined by volunteers and refusing to give up the search, hoping someone can tell them what happened to their girl.

"It's been a year," said Patrick Kidd, Jasmine's step-father. "I haven't heard her voice. I don't know if she is alive or if she is dead."

Dead or alive, that is the question since 19-year-old Jasmine Moody vanished little less than a year ago on Dec. 4 from a house on Detroit's east side.
"It was a December night, it was cold outside, 7:30 at night," said Scott Lewis, private investigator. "Jasmine left the home with no tablet, no telephone, no money, no credit card, dressed in a sweatshirt. And she's never been seen again."

Jasmine, from Texas, got into an Internet relationship with Britney Gurley from Detroit. Jasmine visited Britney over Thanksgiving 2014. But the two had a fight over something about Facebook.

Britney left the room and when she came back, no Jasmine.

Moody had only been to Detroit two times and both times at the same house to visit her friend Britney.

So what is the relationship between Jasmine and Britney?

Lisa Nichols, Jasmine's mother was asked if the girls had a sexual relationship.

"I don't know about sexual," she said.

And the relationship may not make a difference other than the last person to see Jasmine was Britney.

FOX 2: "Why would Britney say something like that?"

"Because she's delusional," Nichols said.

FOX 2: Do you think Britney had anything to do with Jasmine's disappearance?"

"Of course," said Chelsea Morton, a volunteer working to find Jasmine. "Because how would she just walk out in the cold. No shoes, no phone, no nothing."

FOX 2 tried to have a real interview with Britney or her mother but both declined. 

"Someone knows," said Malik Shabazz, community activist. "I believe the people in that (house) right there. (Britney) and family."

If you have any information about Jasmine's disappearance, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP and you do not have to leave your name.