Nassar survivor on ex-MSU president's charges: 'it's about time'

Victims of Larry Nassar are calling it a victory as the former president of Michigan State University, Lou Anna K. Simon, faces felony charges, accused of lying to police during the sex abuse investigation.

"It's about time. It's really about time," said Trinea Gonczar.

Gonczar is a Nassar survivor. Since the age of 5, she says she received 900 "treatments" from Nassar over the years. Her story was told in open court, where she first formed an opinion about Simon.

"I saw her court," she said. "She had no remorse. She had no sympathy."


Court documents just released detail the evidence of lying to investigators. In May of 2018, Simon told police: "I was aware that in 2014 there was a sports medicine doc who was subject to a review. But I was not aware of any of the substance of that review, the nature of the complaint, that was all learned in '16."

Police say that a senior advisor to Simon was told about a sexual assault complaint and had a meeting with Simon to discuss the allegations. Officials obtained a file from May 19 outlining a meeting between Simon and her advisor with Nassar's name on it. 

Police say this is evidence that Simon was aware of Nassar by name and lied when asked by investigators.

"She's lying and she's calling us liars. I have no sympathy for her," Gonczar said.

Simon's attorney Mayer Morganroth says this is evidence of nothing.

"All my client ever saw was an email that said, and a statement made, that a doctor was under investigation. That was it," he said."

Gonczar disagreed.

"She has files with his name written on it. She knew who he was," she said.

Simon's attorney says just the criminal allegations have taken a toll on his client.

"She's not sleeping much. She's under terrible stress. She's not a young person and she's seen her whole life put to risk because of these absolutely absurd and false statements," she said.

Gonczar says there are sleepless nights for Nassar survivors every night.

"And there have been for a long time. So for her to have sleepless nights? I mean it's slightly deserved and she finally join our party of what it's like to go through hell," she said.

Simon is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Monday.