The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Protester: "I believe in peaceful protest but this isn't the way

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Armored vehicles began to roll through the streets with police officers holding riot shields.

A county cop car on fire, a local eatery smashed up and about 15 minutes after the announcement that there would be no charges about three gunshots. 

Then police started sweeping though the city when protests were mostly peaceful. 

Then all hell broke lose.

The majority of people are from here.  We talked to a lot of young local black men they say it's not fair, how they get arrested and profiles. People here are sick of it and they are Missourians. 

It's torn up pretty good in some sections of the city, protesters tried to flip a police car when officers stopped them by pointing shotguns at them. 

"I believe in peaceful protest, but looting and violence, this isn't the way," said a young man named Andre. "I'm here to shed the light that not everyone resorts to this stuff. 

"They are upset because he didn't get indicted they feel this is the only way they can be heard."