318 Boutique goes mobile

Kayce and Lisa like their fashion. The tech-savy post-college roommates once dreamt of the day they could bring their fashion to the rest of the world.

The online store carried all of the basics, supplying trendy clothing to the hippest students but bearing in mind how much money those same people don't have. The women however felt the site was missing something.

That something was the opportunity to connect with their customers. That's when the 318 Boutique "On Wheels" saw it's inception.

A mobile trailer acting like an online store, but with a more personal touch has become the answer. It can be found at local festivals and Eastern Market on select Sundays. Built with mirrors, clothing racks and even a changing room, this mobile emporium puts a whole new twist on a "Girls night out."

The 318 Boutique On Wheels carries ample opportunities to bring people's favorite pastime of shopping to them. Make sure you don't miss one of these next opportunities! Click here to read up more.