9 tech gadgets for your 4th of July celebration

Best Buy's Sean joined Tech Talk to share some must have gadgets to make sure your Fourth of July party is the absolute best. Check them out.

VIDEO: Watch the segment with Sean in the video player above to learn about the gadgets. We've listed links below, too. 

Ninja : The popular blender for shakes/smoothies. 

Hot Dog Toaster: Toaster that can cook your hot dog and buns. 

Bluetooth radio - Waterproof, shock proof, sand proof. It also floats and charges phones.

GoPro camera & GoPro Floaty: This camera is great for picture taking! You definitely want the floaty when using the GoPro on the water. 

Oster wine opener - An electric wine opener that peals the foil off too! 

Fitbit Charge HR - The health wristband that counts your steps and also keeps track of your heart rate. 

Poloroid camera - They're back! A cool way to snap pictures with its auto focus and different modes. 

And there is no better way to take a selfie than using a Selfie Stick