Ann Arbor city council votes in favor of deer cull

A deer cull has been voted in favor of by the city of Ann Arbor for the upcoming winter.

Ann Arbor city council members approved a proposal Monday, August 17, that would see 100 deer hunted as part of management program.

It was a packed house at the city council, with a decision being made after more than 2 hours of public commentary.

On one side of the argument, residents opposed the slaughter of deer, claiming it to be inhumane. The other side of the spectrum believed one of Michigan's most common mammal to be disrupting local ecosystems and impacting habitat for other species.

The council voted 8-1 in favor of the cull.

What has been a hot topic for debate for a lot of Michiganders, the non-lethal option of sterilizing has not been ruled out.

The cull is expected to be carried out by hired shooters, who will use bait piles on public parks and natural areas where deer are the most heavily concentrated.

The proposal must come back for a second reading and public hearing Sept. 8 before it receives final approval.