Best BBQ sides with Redsmoke BBQ

Looking for a new side to take to your end-of-summer barbecue? 

Chef Lance Levy from Redsmoke BBQ in Greektown joined us on The Nine to give us some ideas. You can hear from him in the video player above, and get his recipe for candied sweet potatoes below. 

Redsmoke's Candy Sweet Potatoes 
(Party-size recipe, serves a crowd!) 

10 lbs sweet potatoes peeled 
7 ounces pineapple sliced 
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp nutmeg 
4 cups granulated sugar 
1/2 orange sliced 
1/4 vanilla extract 
1/4 lbs unsalted butter 

Peel potatoes place in a 1/2 4" Hotel pan . Add nutmeg,sliced orange,vanilla extract,sliced pineapple and top with brown sugar and granulated sugar covered with aluminum foil and baked @ 400 degrees for One hour.