Boomer Summit April 30

The Bommer Summit brings together the area's most influential thought leaders and explores the opportunities available to Boomers as they embark on the best years of their lives.

The Boomer Summit is Saturday, April 30 at 7:30 a.m. at Birmingham Groves High School. This one-day event brings together thinkers, business leaders, and experts on topics central to Michigan’s largest, and ever growing, demographic.

Speakers include: Gail Elliott Patricolo, Director of Beaumont’s Integrated Medicine; Amy S. Eckert, Author, Travel Journalist and President of the Midwest Travel Writers Association; Rick Bloom, Bloom Asset Management - Attorney & CPA; Priscilla Perkins, Beaumont Hospitals, Senior Major Gift Officer; and Dr. Terri Orbuch, Oakland Univ. Professor, Author, Therapist and “The Love Doctor”. FOX 2's Huel Perkins will facilitate the event.

For more information on this summit, visit, or call Peter Macfarlane at 248.203.5276.