Celebrate Mother's Day with Bubba's 33

Bubba's 33 in Macomb has some fun menu items, perfect for celebrating Mother's Day. 

Pete Trupiano joined us on The Nine to tell us more about their food, and to show us how they make their French toast. You can get their recipe below. 

Raw eggs- 6 each - For French Toast Batter 
Sugar- ½ cup - For French Toast Batter 
Buttermilk- 4 cups - For French Toast Batter 
McCormick Vanilla Extract- 1Tbsp - For French Toast Batter 
8 slices Challah, brioche, or white bread
Butter for greasing griddle 
½ cup granulated sugar for crunchy coating
½ cup Maple syrup 

1.    Preheat griddle to medium. Allow griddle to come to desired temperature before cooking French toast
2.    Combine Eggs, buttermilk, sugar, and vanilla in shallow, flat bottomed dish, and whisk. Soak each slice of bread on both sides in mixture
3.    Grease griddle with butter. If griddle is non-stick, butter may not be needed.  Add soaked slices to hot griddle 
and allow to cook, flipping only once, until golden brown on each side.
4.    To add caramelized sugar layer, add thin layer of sugar to the top of each piece of cooked French toast and caramelize until golden and bubbly with a "Kitchen Torch". Alternatively, you may arrange the slices in a single layer on a baking sheet and set under the broiler until golden brown. 
5.    Serve with maple syrup and your favorite berries.

Chef Notes 
Can also Serve with drizzled caramel and your favorite Smucker's jelly. You can even add your choice of ice cream. 
Challah, Brioche Bread can be found at any whole foods or local bakery.
Kitchen TORCH - is a tool used for Crème Brulee. You can purchase a Crème Brulee "KIT" on Amazon or Locally at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart Supercenters or Sur La Table stores. 
Not Familiar with how to use the Kitchen Torch, you can find hundreds of tutorial videos on You Tube.