CFranks talks Detroit and Aretha Franklin in Gift Guide

CFranks is a brand built around one-of-a-kind conversational pieces for men, women and children. Created in 2006 to show off individuality, it started with custom-made handbags and has evolved into jackets, hats, and t-shirts. The most recent addition is The Queen Collection, which recognizes some songs titles, accomplishments, and family history of the owner's aunt, star Aretha Franklin.
Born and raised in Detroit, CFranks roots run deep. As a member of the world-famous Franklin family, her grandfather Rev. C. L. Franklin (the father of Aretha Franklin) was known as the Pastor of the Civil Rights movement and instilled greatness in her. The cherished "I Have A Dream" speech was given first at his church New Bethel Baptist in 1963 and helped to inspire the collection. As the city changes, the collection is meant to be a memoir for those who are from Detroit and as a history lesson for all who visit. 

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