Cooking up french fries with Au Cochon

It's National French Fry Day! Executive Chef Mark Barbarich from Au Cochon joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to show us how they prepare their perfect frency fry. You can get their recipe below.

Au Cochon is an upscale French cafe on Old Woodward in Birmingham. You can get more information at

Idaho Potatoes, as needed
Peanut oil, as needed
fine sea salt
chopped parsley

special equipment - large pot with fry thermometer, or deep fryer

Wash potatoes, do not peel.
Cut out any soft, brown, or green spots.
Cut potatoes lengthwise into pieces 1/8" by 3/8".
A fry cutter or mandoline will help with this.
Rinse under cold running water until water runs clear.
Heat oil to 250F.  Blanch rinsed potatoes at 250F for 3 minutes.
Spread onto parchment lined sheet tray and chill thoroughly.
Heat oil to 350F.
Fry the blanched potato to desired crispiness.
Drain from oil, toss in bowl with fine sea salt and parsley.
Serve while piping hot, with desired condiments.