Cooking with Apples at Olga's

Fall is here, and that means apples are in when it comes to sprucing up menu ideas for the team at Olga's.

Loredana Gianino, Marketing Manager for Olga's, and Olga's Executive Chef Chris Amicucci stopped by the Fox2 Kitchen to offer tips on how to incorporate apples-both fresh and cooked-into any meal of the day, as well as speak to the benefits of apples for personal health.

Autumn Turkey Olga

·         Olga Bread – 4 each (can be purchased from any Olga’s Kitchen Restaurant for $0.99 each)
·         Roasted Turkey Breast, sliced – 12 oz
·         Fresh Spinach – 4 oz
·         Cranberry Aioli – ½ Cup
·         Gala Apple, sliced – 1 to 2 small to medium sized apples
·         Red onion, sliced – ½ cup
·         Cheddar Cheese, sliced – 4 each
·         Vegetable Oil – 2 Tablespoons

·         Heat a sauté pan or cast iron skillet over medium high heat then add vegetable oil.  
·         After 10 seconds add sliced apples and onions then cook for 2 minutes tossing occasionally.  Apples should be slightly caramelized and just starting to soften.
·         If Turkey was cooked previously then chilled, heat it for 60 seconds per side in the same pan used to cook the apples and onions. 
·         Layout 4 Olga Breads and spread cranberry aioli down the center of each.
·         Top aioli with the fresh spinach leaves then the turkey breast.
·         Next add the sliced cheddar cheese on top of the turkey.
·         Finally add the apples and onions to the top the turkey.
·         Fold over the ends of the Olga Bread and secure with a toothpick.