Cook's Country's Bryan Roof on Detroit food tour

The Emmy nominated PBS show "Cook's Country" is all about finding the best recipes for American home cooking. Bryan Roof is featured on the show, and he's also the executive editor of the "Cook's Country" foodie magazine.

Right now, he's in the middle of a Detroit food tour. Bryan will be found cooking in home kitchens and visiting local hot spots, looking for recipes from true locals.

Some of his planned stops in Detroit include Gateway Deli Cafe, to try the potato pancake sandwich; American and Lafayette coney islands to try the Coney Dog; New Yasmeen Bakery, to try their Za'atar Bread; and many others including Motor City Soul Food, Slow's Barbecue and Polish Village Cafe.

He joined us in studio to tell us more about his Detroit food tour. You can watch the segment in the video player above.