Fireworks and Pets


Fireworks may be a favorite part of the Independence Day festivities, but many animals find the loud noises and bright lights downright scary.  Thunderstorms can also cause anxiety and fear in our companions, so the Michigan Humane Society offers these tips to help keep our pets safe. 

  • Shelters often see a sharp increase in the number of lost pets due to animals trying to “escape” the scary noises and lights. Always make sure they have current ID tags!
  • Keep pets securely inside. Frightened animals may show amazing feats – jumping tall fences, bolting out gates or jumping through screens. You may want to consider crating your pet or keeping them in a room in the house until the noise has passed.
  • If your pet is afraid of the loud noises, put him in a quiet room and turn on soft music or the television.
  • If your pet is highly stressed by fireworks or storms, talk to your vet about some other options.