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These recipes are courtesy of Chef Howard Barnes of Prime 29:

Sour Apple Jicama Slaw:   
jicama julienne  4     oz
green apple julienne  4     oc
green cabbage julienne 4     oz
red pepper julienne  1     ea
yellow pepper julienne 1     ea
jalapeno minced   2     ea
cilantro chopped   1     bunch
lime juice   2     ea
rice wine vinegar  2     oz
garlic chopped  1     T
evoo    2     oz
Method Of Preparation  Service Vehicle
1. combine all ingredients adjust seasoning.

Crab Cakes:   
crab cakes  2     4oz 
jicama slaw  2     oz 
chipotle aioli  2     oz 
micro cilantro   1/4 oz 
butter   1     oz 
Method Of Preparation  Service Vehicle 
1.melt butter in pan. add crab cakes.   
2.cook till golden and crisp on both sides.   
3. place slaw in middle of plate. Place cakes on   
opposite sides. Top each cake with aioli.   
4 place micro greens on top of slaw.

Crab Cake Mix:
Super lump crab meat 6     Lbs 
Mayo     2     C 
Dijon mustard   1     C 
Minced celery   2     Ea 
Minced onion    1/2 Ea 
Chopped garlic   2     T 
Dried thyme   2     T 
Whole egg   3     Ea 
Pancko bread crumbs 1     C 
Butter unsalted   1/2 Lbs 
Salt and pepper to taste   
1. Squeeze crab meat dry with towel. Be careful not to break up lumps   
2. Sautee onion, celery, garlic and thyme in butter   
3. Mix mayo and mustard in separate bowl.   
4. Fold all ingredients together gently as to not break up lump crab   
5. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper   

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