Fourth of July dishes: Chef Bobby's tutorial on spicy flank steak

Chef Bobby, president of the Lakeland Banquet & Event Centre, joined us in the FOX 2 studios to show us how to make his spicy flank steak.

This meal is also known as flank steak filet, jiffy steak and London broil.

3.5 o 4.0 lbs of choice or higher Flank steak
Juice one medium orange utilize pulp also.
1 tablespoon Cracked Black Pepper
½ cup extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper
½ cup Magee sauce
1 Hungarian hot pepper large and sliced thin
2 large zip lock freezer bags
1 large mixing bowl
Mix all ingredients in a bowl whisk until incorporates into a sauce.

Add one flank in each bag and half of the marinade into each large zip lock bag.
Massage the bag once sealed. Work in all of the flavors.
Marinating time varies based on personal preference -- the longer, the saltier.
Preheat grill at 450 degrees and sear both sides evenly -- 2-3 minutes per side on hi heat. 
By establishing a nice char this will seal in the juices and establish a nice crispy outer crust.
Place on the top rack and flip after 4 minutes and cook for another 3 minutes pull meat at 132 degrees.
Let the meat rest for 1- 2 minutes then slice into thin slices against the grain. 
Serve with Chef Bobby's Street Corn.