Kowalski BBQ Ring Bologna

Kowalski BBQ Ring Bologna
A truly delicious combination of grilled Kowalski Ring Bologna and Our Famous Recipe Just Sweet 'Nuff Chicken and Rib Sauce
1    Kowalski Ring Bologna
4    Sliced Cheddar Cheese
Our Famous Recipe Just Sweet 'Nuff or Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Rib Sauce

Sliced Onion

Peel the casing off the ring Bologna and cut in two pieces.
Slice the two pieces in half, creating half round lengths.
Score the rounded top, to prevent curling.
Grill the ring bologna to heat up ( it's fully cooked already).
Place a slice of cheddar cheese on the top to melt.
Grill the onion slices if desired.
Place the grilled ring bologna on a bun, top with onions and the BBQ sauce.