New chef, dishes at Gold Cash Gold

The popular restaurant in Corktown Gold Cash Gold has recently brought on a new executive chef, Brendon Edwards. He has spent time in kitchens throughout Michigan and Chicago.

He joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School with manager and sommerlier Brett Adams to tell us more about the food at Gold Cash Gold and to share a recipe with us, which you can find below.

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(can substitute with trout or bass)
Scale and cleaned approximently 6 oz per person

White Bread Sauce
Puree bread and hot cream to desired consistency (usually like a puree or thick sauce) then season with salt to taste. Start with hot cream in a blender (uncovered) or food processor and add white bread (preferably homemade) till thickened. Usually about 1/3 of the weight in bread to the weight of the cream. To keep the color white cut off the crusts!

Marinated Red Onion
Lightly season one finely cut red onion with salt and sugar, then add 2-3 tbsp of red wine vinegar and mix every 15 min for 1 hour

Buttered Brussels Sprouts
Finely cut the brussels sprouts and then season with salt. Mix butter and water with a little of the white bread sauce and cook to a thin sauce, add brussels sprouts and then a pinch of the marinated red onion

To cook the fish score the skin lightly with a sharp knife and season with salt. Sear skin side down and once it stars to brown add a couple tablespoons of good butter and baste till cooked.