Outdoor Party Decor

These decor tips are courtesy of Kevin Miller of Twigs and Branches Floral:

Barbecue Outdoor Decor
BBQ Decor Ideas
Nothing like decorating for your outdoor Barbecue! Using
elements from your home like tin bucks, rustic decor, twine, and
other great things you can find! Clipping flowers from the
garden and adding them to your favorite vases is a perfect touch
to any table scape. You can theme your barbecues with the up
and coming holiday or even a rustic theme.
-Mixed bud vases (different colors)
-Glass bottles (different pop and beer bottles)
-Flowers in bright colors (Daisies, Queen Annes Lace, Solidago,
Extra Decor
-BBQ block letters painted with black spray paint
-Tin bucks filled will utensils, chalk board tags for labels)
-Mason jars with candles wrapped in twine and burlap
-Black lanterns with pillar candle inside
-Preserved moss runner
Place Setting
-Brown paper bag (stuffed with napkin, great way to add a favor
as well)
-Red Bandana (napkin)
-Chalk board tags for your guest name
Going on a Picnic
Pack your picnic basket we are going on a picnic! Such a fun
theme with with lots of ideas to decorate. Using baskets you
may have. Produce from your local grocery store. Fresh flowers
from your garden and other picnic theme decor.
-Picnic Basket
-Floral oasis with plastic dish
-Mixed fresh flowers and fresh red apples
Extra Decor
-Silver lanterns with pillar candles
-Red apples (placed around the table)
-Mason jars with red votives)
-Brown wicker balls (placed around the table)
-Wood crates (elevate food/table decor)
Place Setting
-Red cotton napkin
-Raffia (tied around napkin)
-Red Apple with tags for your guest names
Table Cloth
-Red and White Gingham

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