Super Bowl cocktails

Gabriella Rodriguez and Blain Figard from Testa Barra create the ultimate game day cocktails for Super Bowl Sunday. Recipes below:

Perfect Thyming

Serves: 4-6 servings
•1.5 oz Cognac
•.5 oz Agave
•.75 oz Port Wine
•.5 oz Lemon
•2 Sprig Fresh Thyme

Shake all ingredients in
cluding 1 thyme sprig in a shaker, strain into glass of your choice (we use a coupe or old fashion champagne glass).


Caipirinha Coronita

Serves: 4
-6 servings
•3.5 oz Cachaca
•2 oz Agave
•1 whole Lime
•4 ea Strawberries
•4 ea Mini Coronas or large ones if you want to go for it

Squeeze lime into shaker, strawberries, cachaça, agave and SHAKE! Serve over ice in your cupof choice, but make sure the cup is big enough to stick your mini coronas in it!


Supermoon  Beermosa

Level: Easy
Serves:  1 drink
•1.5 oz Vodka
•.5 oz Lime Juice
•2 oz Orange Juice
•1 Blue moon

Put ice into glass, add vodka, lime juice, and orange juice into glass. Top off with 1 bottle of blue moon beer...enjoy!