Super Bowl party foods with Bad Brads BBQ

The guys from Bad Brads BBQ joined us on The Nine with a recipe for your Super Bowl party. 

You can watch as they make BBQ nachos in the video player above, and get their recipe below. 

BBQ Nachos
1 piece of aluminum folded into a rectangle with sides.
4 oz. Tortilla Chips
1.5 c. Cheddar Cheese
2 oz. Sweet BBQ Sauce
2 oz. Ranch
Melt Cheese
3 oz. Pulled Chicken
2 oz. Jalapeño Sauce
2 oz. Sweet BBQ Sauce
1/4 c. Scallions
1 oz. Bacon
1 oz. Ranch

Fold a large piece of aluminum foil so that it is roughly 9"x12" with half inch sides.
Spread tortilla chips thin across the foil, spread the cheddar cheese across all the tortilla chips.
Make lines of bbq sauce and ranch over the cheese and make sure you have even coverage.
Melt the cheese in the oven, once cheese is melted, quickly add the rest of the ingredients in the order that you read them.
Making sure of even coverage.