The latest lake adventure: Kiteboarding in St. Clair Shores

How do you take the classic hobby of flying kites and made it a little more intense? Add a wakeboard -- and you're entered the extreme world of kiteboarding.

With the kite 90 fetet in the air, the wind dictates your adventure.

"That's what draws the people - the power of the kite, and how far you can jump. We can jump 40, 50 feet if we want to on a windy day," says Brian Lefeve, owner of the Great Lakes Surf Shop. "We harness the power of the wind through the kite. So, it's kind of like wakeboarding. So, we're basically using the board itself, but the kite itself is what's pulling us through the water."

The trick to kiteboarding is wide, open areas, like, say, maybe, The Great Lakes!

"We want a nice steady breeze. So, we go out to Lake St. Clair, the bigger lakes, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan. When you have wind coming across the water, no obsturctions, clean," Lefeve says.

And, it's not just a summer sport.

"Now in the wintertime, we do snowkite," Lefeve says. "We're using a snowboard, same exact kite, same harness, everything. We can go to the smaller lakes because we're up above, we're not sinking in the water."

And, if there's no wind - no worries. This little shop tucked away in a strip mall in St. Clair Shores rents paddle boards, too. Great Lakes Surf Shop is the only place in southeast Michigan where you can learn to kiteboard. 

If you want to learn more, check them out at www.GreatLakesSurf.Com.