Watch: Jason Carr rides Valravn

Cedar Point's newest coaster opens to the public this weekend, but FOX 2's Jason Carr was there this morning to test it out for us.

When we checked in with him, he said he had already ridden the Valravn twice -- and that the experience just keeps getting better.

"I cannot remember the last ride on Media Day at Cedar Point where I wanted to keep going and going," he said as he pulled off for the third time on the ride. You can watch his ride in the video player above.

The Valravn is the park's 18th roller coaster. It's the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world. The coaster also holds you above the first drop for four long, grueling seconds.

Jason says his favorite coaster is still the Millennium Force, though, but that this new coaster is right up there. In one word he describes it as, "Awesome." 

His tip? Sit in the front for the view, and sit in the back for the thrill.

Cedar Point is open for Valravn World Premiere Weekend on May 7 and 8. The park is then closed May 9 - 12 and reopens for daily operation on Friday, May 13. More information on Valravn World Premiere Weekend can be found online at