Weber's Restaurant BBQ Ribs

May is National Barbecue Month, so Michael Weber from Weber's Restaurant in Ann Arbor joined us on The Nine to share a special grilling recipe, which you can find below.

Weber's Restaurant is located at 3050 Jackson Road in Ann Arbor. You can find more information at

Weber's Restaurant BBQ Ribs
Yields: Two slabs of ribs

2 Slabs of pork spare ribs
4 oz. Cajun seasoning
1 bottle BBQ sauce

Set out ribs and rub generous amount of Cajun seasoning on the entire surface
Set grill on low and keep temperature at 200 degrees F
Cook on grill for two hours, flipping periodically
Remove ribs and let sit until ready for grilling
Apply thin layer of BBQ sauce and place on grill
Allow sauce to caramelize and reapply as desired