Westborn Market and Atwater Brewery Announce Private-Label Beer

Pursell Station is the original name of the historical US Post Office building in Plymouth that houses Westborn Market's newest and fourth location, and it's now also the name of Westborn's first private label beer.  Pursell Station Ale, an American wheat beer with apricot, will be brewed and bottled by Atwater Brewery, and available beginning Labor Day weekend exclusively at all Westborn Markets, and at Atwater Detroit Tap House.

Forty barrels of Pursell Station Ale will be produced by Atwater, which amounts to about 400 six-packs, and "at this point, there are no plans to produce another batch," says Westborn Markets co-owner Austin Anusbigian.  The fruity, wheaty, blonde beer is described as "sweet, and tart, crisp and clean.  Think fresh sliced apricots delivered straight from the farm fused into a classic American wheat brew."

According to Atwater Sales Manager Matt Trautmann, partnering with Westborn Market was 'a no-brainer.'  "Westborn is one of Detroit's longest-running, independently-owned markets.  They believe in offering their customers fresh, quality products.  Atwater Brewery is Detroit's oldest operating brewery, we're celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, and we believe in offering fresh, quality beer," says Trautmann.  He adds that once a wheat beer was decided upon, Atwater relied upon third-generation Westborn Market co-owner Austin Anusbigian's knowledge of fresh produce to decide upon apricot as the best fruit compliment for the brew.

The label of Pursell Station Ale features an early-1900's-era postman, and artist Tony Rocca, a Plymouth resident and frequent patron of Westborn Market, took his inspiration for the label from a 25-foot mural in the store that pays tribute to the building's history.    'When it came to the name, artwork, and packaging of the beer, the situation couldn't have been more perfect," says Trautmann.  "We already commission Tony to design all of Atwater's new packaging, and come to find out, he's already a regular customer of Westborn Plymouth, so he was very familiar with the Westborn brand and the store's unique post-office setting."

"We couldn't be more proud to share a label with such a quality, well-respected Detroit-area brand," enthuses Trautmann.  "We can't wait to share our collaboration with all of our customers!"