101-year-old World War II vet shares wisdom after Honor Flight

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Dr. George Mogill is 101 years old and a World War II veteran who is an optimist about our nation's future.

He has seen tough times and good ones too, and tonight he and his family are sharing their story having just come back from an honor flight to Washington.

"We have a lot of a way to go, but we are getting there," Mogill said.

 When FOX 2 asked to do an interview with Mogill, his family invited us to his home for lunch. What we got was food for thought that will fill us up for a lifetime. 

The World War II veteran was a doctor in Detroit in the 1940s.  He was told by administration that blacks and whites couldn't be seen at the same time in his office.  

"They told me you have separate hours, separate days for blacks and whites," Mogill said.  

FOX 2: "What are you tell them?"

"Go to hell," Mogill said. "I said in my office it is going to be whoever comes in, black or white, male or female." 

His daughter, proud of her father and his lifetime of accomplishments still marvels at the pain and power her father held with him as a World War II vet - who is a Jew.

"He landed in Normandy a couple of days after D-Day and when things settled down, he was in a very secure hospital it was made out of a tent in front of an anti-aircraft unit on the beach," said Jain Lauter, his daughter. "He went into Paris eventually and he went to The Great Synagogue in Paris with a list and went up to the door and knocked and nobody answered.  There was some walk by and asked how can we help you. He said I'm looking for my people and the person said your people are no more with tears in their eyes."  

FOX 2: "Do people treat veterans properly in this country?"

"No, people forget what the veterans have served," Mogill said. "And you come back and your old seat was taken by a non-veteran and you get a cold shoulder. That isn't fair."

"I don't know if I want to be 101 but if I can be like him, then it's a good idea," said grandson Jonathan Lauter.