14-year-old girl sitting in living room hit by stray bullet

Residents on Appoline in Detroit are calling on their neighbors to volunteer to help keep the community safe after a 14-year-old girl was struck by a stray bullet around 10:30 p.m. Sunday while sitting in her living room.

Joyce Martin says she heard the gunshots from her house.

"It sounded like a full clip," she said. "And I looked out of the window and I tried to listen to see if I heard anyone in distress and I didn't hear anyone."

Girl, 14, hit by bullet in the temple while sitting in living room

Neighbor LaTanya Clark says she also heard the commotion.

"I heard gunshots and next thing I know police are all over the place," she said.

Police are still conducting their investigation but tell Fox 2 that the teen was sitting in her living room when she felt pain and realized she had been hit by a stray bullet. Police say the teen suffered a wound to her temple and is listed in stable condition.

"I just know she's sweet. She always spoke. I would see her walking home from school," said Darlene Dillon.

Dillion says she considers her neighborhood safe but in the past she has seen police activity at the house where the teen was shot.

"When they first moved here it was a lot of activity, you know police being called over there but after the years had passed it had calmed down but that's sad to hear about her," she said.

Police say when the teen was shot a witness saw three black men running down Appoline discharging  weapons. The president of the community patrol association says they don't have enough volunteers.

"If you go out here and patrol -- you're protecting your own neighborhood," said Bill Welborne. 

But for now neighbors say they just want the teen to get better and the violence to stop.

"It's just unfortunate and I would like for people to return back to humanity. We have to have a better way to reason," Clark said.