2 headed to trial after bowling alley employee nearly killed with bowling ball

A bowling alley employee viciously attacked in Roseville took the stand Wednesday as two accused men took the stand.

"I felt something hit the back of my head and then I fell to the ground, and then proceeded to get stomped on," said Andrew Rosenmeyer.

Facing the two men accused of brutally beating him, 28-year-old Andrew Rosenmeyer recalled the night of October 10 when he says he was attacked at Apollo Lanes in Roseville. He says a group of unruly guests, including 30-year-old Branden Moore and 31-year-old Quinton Kisor, began breaking the rules. First they brought their own booze.

2 in custody after vicious bowling alley assault seen on camera

"They proceeded to have liquor in the establishment so I asked them to leave," he said, adding they were also throwing balls on lanes that were closed.

Both men are charged with two counts, including assault less than murder. Moore is also charged with interfering with a crime report and Kisor is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. He waived his preliminary exam Wednesday.

But more details were revealed during the hearing for Moore. Rosenmeyer says when he tried to kick them out of the bowling alley, they demanded a refund. One of the men recorded the argument, and Rosenmeyer slapped his phone away. That's when prosecutors say Kisor is seen punching Rosenmeyer. The employee then threw a water bottle, telling them "That's it. I'm calling the cops." 

"I started getting hit in the back of the head and I turned around to someone throwing punches at my face," Rosenmeyer said.

VIDEO: Bowling alley employee nearly killed when beaten with fists, stool, bowling ball

That's when prosecutors say Kisor, who has a criminal past, became extremely violent, is seen hitting Rosenmeyer with a stool, then a bowling ball. Then the men can be seen running off.

But Moore's defense attorney argued that Moore had originally been the peacemaker and the video doesn't show the whole story.

"The video shows a portion. He had nothing to do with the clip created," he said.

But the judge allowed the video into evidence as Rosenmeyer says he received a concussion, getting seven staples in his head. Both men are now heading to trial.