3 Dream Cruise cars stolen in 12 hours

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It was just a mere 24 hours ago that I was talking about a classic car, a 1966 Corvette that was stolen from a parking structure in Birmingham at the Dream Cruise.

But that is just the beginning of a wild weekend. We are told that thieves were at it again Saturday night swiping at least two other classic cars  from people visiting Michigan for the Cruise.

One of which happened at the Kingsley Hotel here in Bloomfield Hills, the other happening to a rather famous pizza chain owner. That owner, "Papa John" John Schnatter.

A 1966 Chevy Chevelle was stolen overnight Saturday while the owner, a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran from North Carolina slept in his hotel room. Dennis Kline, friend of the owner said the owner, "loaded up everything this a.m., came out and everything was gone."

His good friend and fellow dream cruiser kline says this was the owner's pride and joy... with only 500 miles on the engine.

However, the owner of the Chevelle isn't alone.

Another theft of a classic car used in the Dream Cruise was caught on camera.

Images from the Christ Church of Detroit on Jefferson near the Renaissance Center show thieves working together to remove a white truck from a trailer and then attach their own vehicle to the trailer and drive it away.

Inside was a 1972 gold Chevy Camaro Z28 belonging to none other than Papa John John Schnatter himself. Police recovered the trailer but not the classic car. According to Schnatter, it was the same car he sold to start his pizza chain, then paid $250,000 to buy it back years later.

As far as the car that was reported stolen yesterday out of the Birmingham parking structure, there was a possible sighting earlier today but police were unable to locate the vehicle. 

Anyone with information on any of the stolen vehicles are asked to call police or H.E.A.T.