4-year-old Detroit girl's Royal Snack Stand has something for everybody

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There is a little girl with big dreams starting her own business - and she would like to have you as her next customer.

Don't let O'lyvia's freewheeling behavior fool you - yes, she's 4 years old. But she's also a business girl.

"Do you want juice or water?" she said.

FOX 2 couldn't help grabbing some eats from the Royal Snack Stand run by O'lyvia and her mom at 16580 Sorrento Street, just a few blocks west of the Lodge Freeway on the city’s west side.

O'lyvia's grandad built it.

"He made the stand," said Lynda Robinson, her mother. "He said he wasn't decorating it, I said we'll do all that. And the first day it went semi-viral and the second day everybody was like, 'You have a stand? We're on our way.'"

"It's amazing, it's showing her how to be a businesswoman," said customer Deraulta Berry. "It's good for the youth, it's amazing."

The stand is purple and pink Rhine stone encrusted price markers. They will be out every day from noon to 8 p.m.
Once school begins again, her mom is hoping they can start doing birthday parties.