6 men arrested after Troy women sexually assaulted looking for drugs: police

Six people were arrested overnight after Detroit Police say two women were sexually assaulted inside a home on the city's northeast side.

Police say the woman have been taken to the hospital to get checked out. Six men, between the ages of 24 and 65 are in custody right now. 

Police say the two victims, both from Troy, told police they were driving around Detroit trying to "score drugs" when they drove by a man on a bike. The women told police they stopped the man, and he directed them to a home on Mitchell Street. 

Police say the women went to the home, and said they were forced to smoke crack cocaine and then they were sexually assaulted. 

One woman was able to escape outside to her car, wearing only a blanket, police said. She was able to call police and they arrived at the home in the 13500 block of Mitchell Street, which is near Joseph Campau Avenue and the Davison Freeway. 

Police say they arrested the six men and the women were taken to the hospital. 

It's not known right now what charges the men may face, or when they will be arraigned. 

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