8-month-old critically injured after fall from window

A baby boy was critically injured after fall from a second story window in Detroit Tuesday.

Police said an 8-month-old fell out a window onto the ground at a home on Hickory Street, on the city's east side just after 9:30 p.m. 

The child's 26-year old mother allegedly left the boy upstairs alone. The mom told investigators she heard a thump and saw the baby laying outside on the ground. 

Somehow he got up by the window and it popped out. Mom sped the baby to the hospital where he was in critical condition Wednesday. 

Now with his dad by his side, the child is at the hospital fighting for his life. In a Facebook Live video, his father is there holding his tiny hand, hoping he'll pull through. 

"It's got to be tough not only for them, but for the family to feel the reassurance that everything will be okay," said Lewis Rogers, a neighbor, who heard the commotion afterward. "I have a lot of nieces and nephews so I wouldn't want something like that to happen, it’s a wake up (call), something bad can happen if there is no supervision around."

Police tell fox 2 right now it doesn't appear anything criminal happened, but are investigating it. FOX 2 tried to reach the mother and father, but did not hear back.