All about 'I Declare War', a new Netflix show made in Detroit

The new crime saga "I Declare War" was shot entirely in Detroit, using actors from the city. Netflix's newest original series puts Detroit in the spotlight, but through a different lens.

It is a tale of three organized crime families trying to take control of Detroit. Eight episodes are coming to Netflix this November.

"The Detroit aspect for me was the Middle Eastern population, along with the black population and the white population," says Dennis Reed, the series' writer and producer. "We are all so separated, but so close." So, he set to bring these cultures together for a TV series.

According to Forbes magazine, Netfix has 64 million subscribers - viewers who are invested in their shows and will binge watch a series. And with Detroit as the backdrop and the talent from Detroit, the hope is viewers with be invested in this show.

The show's creator says he's got complete faith in his city and he proves it with the making of this series.

"It's probably like 95 percent Detroit people," Reed says.

Including one of the lead actors, David Pesce, who, when he isn't acting, has a day job at a tire shop in Taylor.

"Hopefully that all ends pretty soon," he says. "I can just do what I love."

Pesce has been acting for a decade, jumping from New York to Los Angeles, but having a major role in a show about his hometown - filmed in his hometown - is a dream come true.

"I always tell people there's nothing like Detroit. I don't what it is. There is nothing like it.  I came back here, and you know how the story goes the film incentives got taken away," he says. "I was actually working to move out to LA or go back to New York and I get a call for an audition. I met this guy and the rest is history."

Reed takes his filmmaking seriously. If he didn't like a way an actor was reading lines, he would just have that character written out of the show. He says it's one way to keep his audience guessing and coming back.

"If you ever want to know what three families with different ethnic backgrounds are about," he says, "This is the show to watch."

The show will debut on Netflix in November, but the creators have rented out a Southfield AMC theater for a preview on October 3. Check back for details.