American Axle & Manufacturing plans to revitalize Detroit

When Derreck Sturgis noticed Campau Banglatown starting to falter, he considered finding another city to call home. 

"I thought about moving, even as far as Romeo Park Place," Sturgis said. 

But despite the ups and downs, Sturgis has stuck around his Detroit neighborhood and was on hand Friday for a major announcement about its future.

In front of students at Davison Elementary, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced a partnership between American Axle and the city of Detroit that will help revitalize the neighborhood. 

The partnership includes a multi-million-dollar investment by the chair and CEO of American Axle & Manufacturing. 

Mayor Duggan said those investment dollars will help open the doors for shops to come in, do business and create revenue for even more prosperity. 

"Sometimes that means the first few shops that come into your neighborhood may need subsidizing contribution to get those stores open and that's what American Axle is going to do," said Mayor Duggan. 

American Axle believes that this partnership is the right thing to do, 

"This initiative is meant to be a big investment," said David Dauch of American Axle & Manufacturing." That did not bother us or that did not scare us from what we needed to do because the strategic neighborhood fund is all about incorporating change."

The city of Detroit will also do its part to impact change, and some of that will come through housing. 

"Remember old house on Carpenter? That's going to be renovated and made into housing," said Mayor Duggan. "The old school that has been closed for years, is being renovated for housing right now. Conant between Davidson and Carpenter, we're going to build a beautiful street scape, so you can get across the street without having to dash."

As plans for revitalization take root, one resident said he's glad he stayed. 

"Very positive and very good indeed," said Sturgis.