Anchor Bay High School seniors paint their parking spaces ahead of the school year

Anchor Bay High School seniors take on tradition weeks before classes start. Families bought paint and set up tents for the seniors to paint their spots in the parking lot.

"They’ve designed amazing parking spaces based on their personalities and who they are. The spot will be there for the entire school year for them to park," said Rachel Kitchens, the student activities director and teacher at Anchor Bay High School. "No one else can park there. It’s like reserved parking."

It's a school tradition that's taken very seriously. Jayden Heck told FOX 2 he claimed his spot a couple of weeks ago at 6 a.m.

"I came two weeks ago scoping it out. We were looking at everyone’s past parking spots," Heck said.

"I’ve been stressing about this for the last year," Faith Basacchi said.

Dozens of seniors got together and brought their creativity to their parking spots.

"It’s white, and I’m going to do cow print, and it’s going to say holy cow it’s senior year," Emma Randall said.

"It's like the Hollywood star with the vanity lights around it and inside the star it’s going to say my name," Alena Woodruff said.

Some seniors even recruited friends to help. Landyn Mader, a junior at the school, was enlisted by Basacchi to help paint.

"These are things she likes sunflowers up here… Lululemon," Mader said. "It’s great. Obviously, we try to do what we can for each other."

The start of senior year and the reality that comes with it is setting in.

"Stressful but fun. It’s scary, but I am excited," said Olivia Borowski.

In the meantime, the parking lot is full of love, support and celebration of the seniors through each uniquely designed space.

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