Bad Boys celebrate 30th anniversary of Pistons' 1989 championship

The Bad Boys of Detroit reunited Saturday night at Little Caesars Arena to celebrate their championship 30 years later. 

Isiah Thomas, Mark Aguirre, Bill Laimbeer, "Microwave" Vinnie Johnson, James "The Buddha" Edwards and many others returned to Detroit in honor of the Pistons' first-ever NBA championship.

"It's an incredible feeling for me and all of our teammates to recieve the type of love that we get from the city, from the fans," said Isiah Thomas.

Thomas was the centerpiece of the Pistons' back-to-back NBA championships. He says it's impressive to see how well they're received so many years later.

"It's generational love that goes  back from mothers, fathers, grandfathers, kids and it's a really, really special feeling," he said.

They were called the Bad Boys -- a team loved by Detroit sports fans and loathed pretty much everywhere else. It's a reputation for rough play that Thomas and his teammates embraced. Despite Thomas' tough attitude on the court, he quickly got emotional when addressing fans during halftime.

"This is a fabulous time for all of us and again, from all of my teammates, and from all of us standing here, we never could've done it without you. We love you," he said.

Thomas encouraged the fans to support the current Pistons the same way they supported the Bad Boys. He says it's proof that if you're a champion in Detroit, you're treated like royalty.

"I love Detroit. I mean, when I land in Metro Detroit and my face is there on the wall and then when you walk down the street, I feel like everyone treats me like family member here. Like I'm their brother or cousin, it's just a wonderful feeling and it's a true appreciation from myself, the grattitude and love that I'm recieving and I try to give that back," Thomas said.