Due to pandemic, more women are delaying crucial breast cancer screenings

Dr. Deborah Charfoos greeted another patient with another plea: "We're going to make sure you get your mammogram prescription so that you can get your yearly mammogram okay?"

The longtime obstetrician and gynecologists say it's been a major problem since the pandemic started - people putting off their yearly screenings.

"We're seeing a lot of women who are delayed - seeing women who even are delayed that they felt a lump and they didn't come in because they're afraid to come to the office still," she said.

They are scared because of Covid - or delayed because the radiology center was closed because of quarantine - whatever the reason - the outcome can be devastating.

"What you find is that women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage than they should have been," she said. "It's just really hard to see that when you know it could have been prevented."

It could have been prevented by just getting that mammogram - Dr. Debbie just had hers a few weeks ago.

A mammogram is made so that you can diagnose cancer early - it's not going to keep you from getting it - but if you get that mammogram and they find it early - way over 95 percent of people are going to be totally cured.

Dr. Debbie says two of her best friends were diagnosed with breast cancer early because of their mammograms - and they're going to be okay.

Now she's inviting patients who have put this off to come and get screened this Thursday, Oct. 29, - in honor of breast cancer awareness month - at Millenium Diagnostics in Farmington Hills. Just call (248) 945-0000 and make an appointment.

"I will be there, I will be there to help you, I will be there if you're nervous," she said. "I'll walk you through the whole thing or i'll just say hi - thank you for coming to get your mammogram."

It really isn't scary - it's easy - it just takes a few minutes - it's really not painful and it really can make a huge difference.

Dr. Debbie says precautions are being taken to protect you from Covid - but you have to get screened to protect yourself - from breast cancer.

"Everyone who is a medical professional is taking great care to make sure you are safe in their office and in the hospitals - don't be afraid - it really could save your life," she said.