Bernie Sanders tries to turn the Biden tide at electric Detroit rally

About 6,000 came out to Sen. Bernie Sanders' rally at TCF Center downtown Friday night.

The enthusiasm was electric and Sanders touched on the topics he always does - healthcare, gun laws and choice. He also hammered home the point that bad trade deals have had the biggest negative impact on the American middle class than anything else.

"Let me get a little bit political because we are in a political season to say that this is an area where Joe Biden and I have very strong differences," Sanders said.

Using the political spin machine full tilt on trade in Detroit Friday night, Sanders blasted former Vice President Joe Biden for backing what he calls bad trade deals- like NAFTA and status quo trade with China - both of which Sanders has opposed.
"The current trade policies have failed the American people," he said. 

Sanders used a media round table to argue the legacy of trade in the US has meant millions of American jobs shipped overseas and stagnating wages.

Sanders needs the enthusiastic crowds he's enjoyed like the one in translate into turnout which it hasn't always.

FOX 2: "Senator Sanders do you believe that winning in Michigan could means that you would be able to win across the industrial Midwest?"

"You know what, every state I go into, they ask 'Do you think New Hampshire is essential to your campaign?' Look every state is important," he said.

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Sanders is no longer the front runner -and lacking in most endorsements from his former running mates. Friday he picked up Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield's support.  Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib jumped on board earlier. The question will that support be enough come Tuesday.

Watch the full speech below: