California woman creates Wes Anderson-style guide to surviving COVID-19 pandemic

One California woman decided to showcase what a character from one of Wes Anderson’s films would like while in quarantine and it is pretty spot on.

Madelaine Turner shot the minute-long vertical video on an iPhone XS and, in Wes Anderson fashion, everything was extremely symmetrical and idiosyncratic.

The video starts off with a centered title that reads: “The Anderson Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic” and Turner’s soothing voice and specific color schemes are right on par with any of Anderson’s films.

Turner continues her odd behavior in the video and makes herself breakfast and lunch consisting of chewing gum, writes her mother a letter on a typewriter (a possible homage to Margot Tenenbaum), and mourns her beloved parrot, Artemis, who died while at war.

“The video took four hours – three to shoot and one to edit, and everything was sourced from items around my apartment,” Turner told Storyful.

The video has garnered over 5,000 views and Turner even followed up with a second video that showed the entire production process.