Community activists New Era Detroit hold unity meet-ups to end violence

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East side, west side -- if you're sick of violence, we're all Detroiters. That's the message from one community group hoping it will sink in.

"Meet in the Streetz" is community activist group New Era Detroit taking its message to different neighborhoods throughout the city 
every Friday night for the next six weeks.

"This is a call for men to step up," said Zeek, of New Era Detroit. "We have too much senseless crimes, too much violence, and most importantly we're losing too many kids here in the city of Detroit."

The gathering comes just a week after a five-year-old girl named Isabella was shot and killed as she slept with her mother.

"One thing we're not standing for at all is people killing kids," Zeek said. "That is zero tolerance for that in the city of Detroit."

"Watch these babies and stop the killing," said Lisa Spates, a concerned Detroiter. "It's sad out here."

Spates brought her grandchild to the meet-up which featured performances from local artists - and a positive message this crowd - can embrace.

"Everything is about being proactive and not just show up anytime there's a death or a murder," Zeek said. "We have to start working on ways to figure out how we are going to be able to put in work to prevent things."

"Get familiar with your community and get active in your community," said Screal, of New Era Detroit. "We are talking about unity just as we have been talking about and preaching for four years. It is time to come together as one."

New Era Detroit invites everyone to join them. To find out more about their message or to follow where the next event will be, find them online at or on Facebook here.