Crafty 9-year-old Oakland Twp girl makes and gifts PPE masks that are a hit

Michaela Munyan's craft is making masks.

"I wanted to do it to help the community and to encourage people to do the same," said Michaela.

"It makes me feel good," she said.
The 9-year-old from Oakland Township overheard her parents talking about a mask shortage at nearby hospitals during this pandemic. Michaela - quickly got to work.
"She makes them then they go out almost as fast as they come in," Matthew Munyan said.

The first couple of masks were dropped off to a few friends who work at Saint Joseph hospital in Pontiac. Their N-95 masks were already overused.
"Michaela made masks big enough to go over the front of them so they didn't have to keep reusing the masks," he said.

Michaela says she learned to sew during an after-school program. She then watched a YouTube video to learn to create the face coverings, dropping them off to anyone who needs them.

"Family, my friends, a pizza place, a taco place, a nursing home," she said.

Michaela made the colorful masks with an old sewing machine until a few donations came in.
"Her sewing machine was through donations. People donated Amazon gift cards to her and she was able to buy a sewing machine with them," Matt said.
One of Michaela's favorite parts of her mission: sitting with her mom and picking out patterns online, together.
"It's hilarious watching how happy she gets picking out fabrics. She starts giggling now and then," Matt said.

Michaela even finding patterns for Father's Day and some - from what seems to be, one of her favorite series of books and movies.
"My sister is actually wearing one of them," Micheala said.

FOX 2: "What's on that one?"

"Hufflepuff. It's the Harry Potter Hufflepuff symbol," she said.
Her Facebook page is also named after a mythological creature in Harry Potter: The Friendly Chupacabra Face Covering Company, that is where people can donate - or let her know they are in need of some masks. FIND HER FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

FOX 2: "Are you taking requests?"

"Yes," she said.
So far, Michaela has made roughly 560 masks, even creating a few more while visiting grandma up north this week.
"She got the sewing machine the day she was leaving so she seemed like five masks then packed it up, brought it with her," Matt said.
Michaela says she knows how important her masks (that come in several different sizes), can be.
"I want people to know that it's important to wear a mask to make coronavirus go away," she said.

So when will this devoted seamstress take a break from her mask making? Not anytime soon.

"As long as they're needed. As many as I can," she said.

"She's rocking it out, so I'm just letting her go," Matt said.