Dearborn's barista's coffee shop uses beans from family farm in Yemen

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Ibrahim Alhasbani, the founder of Qahwah House knows coffee.

"I like my coffee medium roast," he said. "Because medium roast always has that real flavor of coffee beans."

But he's perhaps happiest when he's making it for others.

"I enjoy when I make coffee, anything with coffee I enjoy."

The coffee and sweets are the tastes and smells of his home. Ibrahim's homeland in Yemen is home to his family's coffee farm. It's where the beans brewed and sold at Qahwah House in Dearborn come from.

"The best thing in the world is coffee and it comes from Yemen and this is the story about coffee," he said. "The business is called Qahwah which means in Arabic - coffee."

And here at Qahwah you can get a history lesson on coffee's beginnings in Yemen, and learn how the beans from his family's home travel for days to get here through a beautiful country that's been ravaged by war.

"With the situation in Yemen, it's really hard to bring the coffee from Yemen. It's not easy," he said.

But even worse is the humanitarian crisis happening back there, which is why Ibrahim has made it his mission to help fund educational efforts and feed families in Yemen.

"We try to focus on education but with this situation, we try just to help the people, to feed them," Ibrahim said.

His shop helps bring aid to families thousands of miles away - while showing patrons here what's so special about a cup of coffee from Yemen. You can find flavors of milk chocolate, fruit, mango - spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger.

A handshake, a smile and a cup of coffee that's traveled a long way with a story all its own. 

"They come to the place because they love the place - they love the coffee," he said. "They see something different, something new - it makes me happy - especially when I see the customer happy.

"When you enjoy something you make it from your heart."

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