Detroit Dark Angels women's football team championship game-bound

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Coco Gauff is showing us the power of it at Wimbledon.  She’s only 15 and she’s gotten her first three Grand Slam wins. 

And Megan Rapinoe and her powerful crew of U.S. womens soccer players are bold and unapologetically proud of being winners.  

And in Detroit we have our own winners. The women’s tackle football team, the Dark Angels, are heading to the national championship in Colorado.  They are helping set an example for other young ladies so they know anything is possible.  

"I don’t look like the traditional football player but I am and I play for the Detroit Dark Angels who are going to the national championship," said Tatyhana Pauling. "And we fought very hard for that. "

"It really just shows as young ladies that we can play as well," said Maggie Hudkins, quarterback. "And I think that’s the most important thing and I think every time we take the field, it’s really what we have in the back of our minds. 

"We are paving the way for the young ladies beneath us to show them that they’re going to have an opening to play women’s sports in any avenue and they may want to do that. "

"It’s an important message because they see someone just like them accomplishing something that they’ve never done and something that’s unheard of and something that people tell them they can do," said Clarussa Tullis. "It just sends a message that you can do anything you want to do, just believe and put strength into it."  

The Dark Angels is made up of women from all over the state including Flint, Detroit and everywhere between.  
They are trying to raise $20,000 to go to the national championship. A pricey trip, but one that’s invaluable for other young women to find inspiration. 

FOX 2: "The young lady was watching this right now who saying I don’t know if I’m cut out to do this type of thing. What are you tell them?"

"Just believe in yourself, believe in yourself and in your goals and you can accomplish anything with hard work," Tullis said.

The crew with the Dark Angels are watching the US Womens' Soccer team and Coco carefully.  They’re inspired and excited by their success.  

"The message is loud and clear all over and I think everybody is hearing it right now. The way the soccer team is performing and were able to bring it back to our small region as well the way we’re performing here in Detroit so it’s been awesome," said Hudkins.

"We’re starting to get that recognition that people can love us just as much as they love the men playing sports," said Pauling. "And we can see that’s actually starting to turn around and people are starting to show love and support it’s very important."

From the tennis court, to the soccer field to the gridiron.  It’s a women’s world, and one that’s leaving Detroit with the hope these ladies come back with a championship trophy.  

"That’s one of our biggest goals in bringing home this national championship to our region, to our hometown," said Hudkins. "Just to show all the little girls hair we can make a difference."  

>>CLICK HERE to learn more about the team on the Dark Angels' Facebook page and a fundraiser to help get them to the title game.