Detroit insurance rates; Fraser sex harassment turmoil

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Part I: Detroit insurance rates

It's a common complaint we all have, sky-high insurance rates - especially in Detroit.

Some call it affordable coverage a civil right.  There's a plan on the table to lower your rates, but some Republicans call it price-fixing.

On the panel:

J.C. Reindl, Detroit Free Press reporter

Alexis Wiley, city of Detroit chief of staff, former FOX 2 reporter

Ven Johnson, attorney

Rep. Pete Lucido (R-Shelby Township)

Part 2: Fraser sexual harassment turmoil

Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols was removed from office over allegations of sexual harassment.

Now he's here to tell us his side of story and why the fight isn't over.

On the panel:

(Former) Mayor Joe Nichols, city of Fraser

Angela Mannarino, Nichols' attorney

Thomas LaDuke, Fraser resident, WAAM 1600

Jennifer Lord, attorney and legal expert in race, sex and gender cases

Part 3: On The Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit residents if you have ever been sexually harassed in the workplace?