Detroit police bust crime ring, confiscate $350K in fake luxury items

Detroit police confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of bogus brands after busting a crime ring Friday.

Michigan State Police and Detroit Police officers spent their Friday rolling out loads of fake merchandise.

"They're ripping off the hard-working folks of the City of Detroit that come here to spend their hard-earned money, not realizing they're getting counterfeit merchandise," said Sgt. Scott Hall of Detroit police.

Friday's was one of six planned raids across the city -- the first was inside the Greenfield flea market.

Inside four large booths were counterfeit belts, sunglasses, shoes, coats -- all supposedly brand names.

"These businesses are giving hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They're losing revenue by people doing things like this, and this is just only one location," Hall said.

Seizing fake items for the last five years, these cops say it gets easier to spot the knock-offs.

Police say a lot of it has to do with the stitching, and misspelled stuff on brands or tags.

Cops are estimating that the stuff they're confiscating Friday cost about half a million dollars.

The cops seized everything and prepared a warrant to send to the prosecutor.