Detroit police seek suspect in deadly Biltmore shooting

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"It's a lot of pain. There’s a lot of hurt that I feel. I feel guilty at some point, because I brought this man into my family's life," said Dittra Ross.

The sister of Orlando Ross takes us back to the early morning of May 29 when the father of her child, Darrius Williams – who goes by the nickname “Scrap” – allegedly shot and killed her brother.

Police say Williams committed the crime in front of his father’s home on Biltmore, and the victim’s sister witnessed it. Ross tells us her brother came to the neighborhood after she and Williams had an argument the night before. Her brother had stopped by to check on her. The killer has not been captured.

"No words exchanged.”

"When I opened the door, I saw my brother take his last couple steps. A second or two later, that's when I saw “Scrap” lift the gun up and I saw the fire from the gun, and I just saw my brother."

Moments later, standing across the street, Ross feared for her own life.

"He ran up on me with the gun, and I ran back into my house. That's when I grabbed my phone to call 911. I ran back outside. He got in the car and he pulled off.”

“He just looked crazy, out of his mind. He just ran up and stopped right by the curb."

We tried speaking to Williams’ father, but he chose not to comment.

"He's not answering the door for us. So either he's home or he's not. But we get no answer also," said Officer James McDonald, Detroit Police Department.

Police lay out what can happen to anyone helping Darius Williams to hideout.

"They can be charged with harboring a fugitive. That's what he is. He has an active warrant for his arrest. If you're caught harboring him, you can be charged with it."

"People know where he is. But they're not going to tell because “Scrap” is the type of person, he'll pay people, he'll pay his neighbors. He'll do anything he can to stay low key, to not be known, to not be seen. He’ll do anything in his power to not be caught."

Investigators are still working the case, and the family of Orlando Ross is still seeking closure. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Darius Williams, give the Detroit Police a call right away.